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If you’re looking for the specialists in permeable paving in Auckland or the Waikato, you’ve come to the right place! At By Design Concrete and Paving, we pride ourselves in offering only the best in paving and garden edging in NZ. Not only are our suppliers pavers made from the best materials, but they are installed with masterful techniques. This ensures your paving and kerbing will look good for years to come.

Why do I need Garden Edging in NZ?

Garden edging is a way of separating part of a garden from another, whilst also creating a stylish aspect to your garden design. It also creates boarding to keep dirt and mulch in. At By Design Concrete and Paving, we supply high quality paving that is perfect for any garden.

If you are thinking of adding a final touch to a landscaped garden or needing to highlight a certain area in your garden, then garden edging or kerbing is the answer.


Stepping Stones, Slabs on Mortar, Concrete, Pavers.
Access to your outdoor areas can sometimes be a problem in the winter months. Installing stepping stones in the gardens will allow you all-weather access around your NZ home.
Paving slabs in Auckland give an aesthetic edge to your outdoor areas. We work with a variety of paving slabs suppliers in Auckland,
By Design Concrete and Paving also supplies permeable paving slabs, which are ideal for storm water management. We can supply and install a large selection of stepping stone paver  to meet your desired Auckland outdoor design.


If you’re looking to meet local council site coverage requirements, permanent paving systems are a great choice. They allow water to seep through the pavement. As one of Auckland’s top paving companies, By Design Concrete and Paving is ready to help make your site meet council demands.


Our Range of Permeable Concrete Paving in NZ

Permeable pavers come in a range of colours and sizes for the driveway, patio, commercial premise and residential homes. If you’re looking for alternative options, we also install Gobi block pavers, which are a great substitute.

If you want to learn more about paving solutions in Auckland or the Waikato, give us a call today, and we can advise you on the best practices for your project.


Paving Slabs, Pavers on Mortar, Sand Base or Pedestal Paving Systems. When it comes to paving in Auckland for driveways, paths or patios, we have the expertise to offer you the perfect paving solution that suits your budget and vision. We offer both traditional and permeable paving.

Paving stones are perfect for any commercial or residential areas in New Zealand. Paving stones in NZ come in different colours and patterns to complement whatever aesthetic you may desire. We work with a wide range of high-quality paving suppliers in New Zealand, including various types of pavers  – granite, grass pavers, basalt, limestone, Natural Paving, etc.

Pedestals allow for pavers to be installed over waterproofing membrane on deck jacks.

If you’ve any questions about our permeable concrete paving, slabs, or other paving solutions, why not get in touch? Contact us at (09)2983269 or 021346666 and the team at By Design Concrete and Paving will be ready to help answer all your concrete questions today.

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