If you are thinking of building a retaining wall in New Zealand to prevent the soil, sand or water from falling or sliding away from its foundation, then you’ve come to the right place. By Design Concrete and Paving prides itself on building the most beautiful, strong, long-lasting retaining walls

Having a retaining wall provides height and beauty to any landscape project. There are a wide variety of colours, sizes and textures that you can choose for the retaining wall. The retaining wall can be constructed from many materials such as timber, concrete and bricks.


A retaining wall can be a beautiful and functional solution for uneven garden levels, helping to create a multi-level landscape or enhance the front of your property and also add security.

The new levels created by the retaining wall can be used to create new planting spots and beautiful focal points that will be the talking point of your garden. Depending on the type of aesthetic you are trying to achieve there are many types of retaining wall design ideas. A retaining wall can also be used for accent walls or structural walls.

By Design Concrete and Paving can build a bold and eye-catching retaining wall with a modern edge, or a simple and unobtrusive retaining wall to blend effortlessly with the natural beauty of your outdoor space. How we build a retaining wall will differ depending on the type of material you like. However, whichever material you choose for your design, it will require meticulous planning and proper preparation of the site from an experienced team like us to help you achieve a professional finish and long-lasting retaining wall.

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Keystone retaining walls give a great finished look and are low maintenance.

The Keystone retaining walls are a good way to level off an uneven area in your outdoor space or to make a raised garden. Keystone walls system provides the best structural retaining wall solution for commercial, industrial and residential applications. You can also use the Keystone walls system to build small to midsize retaining walls and freestanding elements such as planter boxes and more.Keystone walls are a finished product with no need for painting or plastering. Keystone walls systems can be specified and engineered to varying height and By Design Concrete and Paving can install these to meet your engineering and aesthetic requirements.

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Wall Systems

From forming a raised garden to a change in level in your backyard,

We can supply and install a solution for your unique needs.

Block Walls

Concrete filled block walls have a range of uses and applications from commercial through to residential.

Applications from commercial through to residential.

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